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Providing Bespoke Architectural and Interior Design Services since 2003

Madhu Sarangi has a work experience of 24 years in India, UK and Italy. She graduated from Symbiosis Institute, Pune with a Masters with distinction in Management and was a gold medalist in Graduation.

Having worked in the technology field for 12 years, Madhu took the bold step of shifting career path to Interior Design, which was in line with her passion and where she could let her creative ideas flow. With extensive experience in client handling, international exposure to design and armed with a keen eye for design that works she delved into this field with her entrepreneurial venture Foyer2Attic Interiors . She has handled more than 500 projects pan India with a mix of  residential and commercial projects including but not limited to high end apartments, villas, salons, corporate offices, startup offices, kiosks, luxury cabins for directors, experience centers, mock-up villas and apartments, club houses, cafes, gyms etc.

Richa Singh has a work experience of 20 years in India and USA. She graduated from BITS, a brilliant student, has won awards at NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture). She won a gold medal at IIT Kharagpur for a design competition in 2003.

Besides designing residential bungalows and commercial interiors, Richa Singh has worked on group housing, villas, interesting office spaces, several schools, institutions and Luxury Interior projects.

She worked in New Jersey, USA for 5+ years as Architectural Production Manager, managed and coordinated various projects in Real Estate companies.
She was awarded as the Associate Of the Year 2018 in K Hovnanian, an American real estate company which is involved in every aspect of marketing homes, including design, construction and sales. The company works with individual detached housing as well as higher-occupancy dwellings, including townhouses, condominiums and retirement homes.

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As seasoned professionals in the dynamic realms of architecture and interior design, we bring a wealth of expertise and hands-on experience to every project we undertake. With a deep-rooted passion for creating harmonious and functional spaces, we have honed our skills over the years to seamlessly blend the aesthetic and practical aspects of design.

With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have successfully executed a diverse range of projects, spanning from residential havens to commercial marvels. Each project showcases our ability to seamlessly integrate structural integrity with creative ingenuity, resulting in spaces that are not only visually stunning but also optimized for everyday living and working.

Throughout our career, we have collaborated with a wide spectrum of clients, each with unique visions and aspirations. This diversity has refined our interpersonal skills, enabling us to translate clients’ dreams into tangible designs that surpass expectations. Our holistic approach involves thorough client consultations, meticulous space planning, and the selection of materials that not only reflect individual preferences but also promote sustainability and responsible design practices.

Beyond the drawing board, we have a proven track record of navigating the intricate maze of regulations and codes, ensuring that each project complies with industry standards and legal requirements. This attention to detail extends to overseeing execution processes, where we work closely with contractors and craftsmen to bring our designs to life with precision and finesse.

In an ever-evolving field, we remain committed to continuous learning and exploration. Staying abreast of the latest design trends, technological advancements, and sustainable practices allows us to infuse innovation into every project, creating spaces that stand the test of time and cater to the evolving needs of modern living.

In conclusion, our expertise and experience in architecture and interior design converge to create a unique blend of artistic vision, technical proficiency, and client-centered collaboration. With a portfolio that speaks volumes and a passion that fuels our creativity, we are dedicated to shaping environments that inspire, uplift, and enrich the lives of those who inhabit them.

We look forward to collaborating with you on your dream space.

Madhu & Richa


To create exceptional interior design and architectural solutions that enhance the lives of our clients.


To always exceed our clients expectations in terms of creativity and quality of service provided. Treating all our Vendors with respect and fairness. Being ethical in all our dealings with Clients, Vendors and Suppliers.