Puja Space Design- Guidelines, Tips & Design Ideas

– Madhu Sarangi

A puja room or a puja unit in an apartment or villa or in a commercial space can be in the form of a separate room or a large unit or a small wall mounted unit as per the requirements of the inhabitants of the space and the space available.

The puja altar height needs to be designed keeping in mind the style of prayers performed, the age of the inhabitants who would be using the space the most. Ensure it is at an appropriate height and easily accessible for offering prayers.

The finishes and colors need to be selected keeping in mind the usability and maintenance along with the desired look of the space.

The best space for the puja is the North east corner of the home, the next best being East and the next being North. Facing the North East or the East while performing puja is considered most auspicious as per Puja room Vaastu principles.

The altar, shelves and backdrop need to be designed keeping in mind the idols and photo sizes of the deities. Arrange the idols or images with care, placing the main deity in the center. Consider adding symbols or representations of other deities or spiritual elements that hold significance for the inhabitants of the space.

Proper space planning must be done for placing prasadam, diyas, incense and flowers. These items are used during rituals and symbolize purity and devotion. Use soft and warm lighting to create a serene ambiance. You can use candles, oil lamps, or LED lights to illuminate the puja space.

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